Instructor Course

The NAUI Instructor Training Course (ITC) is designed to train and qualify NAUI Instructor member applicants. During the course, candidate instructors learn effective methods to teach skin and scuba diving in compliance with NAUI diving course standards.
The ITC may be presented in two phases. If done so, Phase one, called an Instructor Training Program (ITP), contains all developmental training except for the final evaluations. During an ITP, candidate practice performances must be evaluated by at least two qualified evaluators. The ITP can be conducted in many formats, ranging in length from a week to an internship over an extended period.
The second or final phase of an ITC so organized is called the Instructor Qualification Program (IQP), during which a NAUI Course Director must be in residence and all final evaluations will be made.

The course assures the NAUI membership that candidates who receive certification as NAUI Instructors have the knowledge, skills, fitness and proper attitude to do so.
Certified NAUI Instructor course graduates are qualified to apply for NAUI Instructor membership in any status provided for in the bylaws of the association.
An active-status NAUI Instructor may independently teach NAUI sanctioned courses and authorize NAUI certification for graduates. An active-status NAUI Instructor may independently conduct NAUI recognition and experience programs and authorize formal recognition for graduates.
An active-status NAUI Instructor who completes all requirements as laid out by the NAUI Training Department, can teach the NAUI First Aid – Powered by DAN provider courses.
A NAUI Instructor member may renew such membership annually (in any one status) by meeting the requirements set by the NAUI Training Department and Membership Committee.

Get Started

The NAUI Instructor Training Course (ITC) is designed to train and qualify NAUI Instructor member applicants. Divers must be a minimum of 18 years of age, in good health and must be previously certified as a NAUI Divemaster and NAUI First Aid for Dive Professionals or equivalent.

What’s Next?

Continue your training by enrolling in a NAUI Instructor Trainer . If you completed the aforementioned courses you may enroll in NAUI Technical courses.


Academic: E-learning/Classroom : 85 hours

Practical Application:

Open Water Dives: min 3 days


  • Diving Safety.
    • Skill problem solving and how to conduct briefings and debriefings.
    • Diving first aid.
    • Emergency procedures.
    • Skin and scuba diving rescue techniques-lecture, demonstration and evaluation.
  •  NAUI Orientation.
    • NAUI environmental ethos
    • discussion of NAUI corporate structure
    • discussion of Course Licenses
    • current registration and certification procedures
    • use of NAUI educational materials
  • Teaching NAUI.
    • Continuing education and leadership courses.
    • NAUI First Aid – Powered by DAN courses.
    • Nitrox courses and programs.
  • Methods of Instruction (teaching techniques and student evaluation).
    • General: Teaching theory, methods, and oral communications.
    • Academics: Lesson objectives, Lesson preparation and training aids.
    • Confined water: Teaching preparation, methods and evaluation criteria.
    • Open water: Teaching preparation, methods and evaluation criteria.
  • Business of Diving Instruction.
    • Fundamentals of marketing.
    • Prospecting and recruiting students.
    • Organizing, scheduling and budgeting courses.
    • Legal aspects of diving instruction.
    • Marketing CONED, leadership and equipment
    • NAUI marketing tools
  • NAUI ITC General.
    • Course orientation.
    • Exams and exam review.
    • Course critique.
    • Review board.
  • Swimming and Diving Skills
  • Course specific skills
  • Scuba Diver Rescue.
  • Teaching Presentations: Classroom. A minimum of four passing graded classroom teaching presentations. Presentations must include one leadership topic, one Nitrox, one Master Scuba Diver and one Advanced Diver topic. Additional presentations can be from the five entry-level topics below:
    • Equipment
      • Diving Physics
      • Diving Physiology
      • Dive Tables
      • Diving Environments
  • Teaching Presentations: Confined Water. A minimum of four passing graded confined water teaching presentations and a passing confined water briefing. Teaching Presentations: Open water
    • A minimum of 3 passing open water skills presentations, 1 passing briefing and 1 passing debriefing.

Instructor Qualification Program: (to be conducted by a Course NAUI Director)

  • The course director must receive from each candidate 1 passing presentation in each of the following:
    • Classroom teaching presentation
    • Confined water teaching presentation
    • Open water teaching presentation
    • Scuba Diver Rescue with a passing score.


  • Age. Minimum age of 18 years prior to enrollment and start of training.
  • Certification/Experience/Knowledge.
    • Current certification as a NAUI Assistant Instructor or NAUI Divemaster or equivalent
    • Current certification in NAUI First Aid for Dive Professionals or equivalent.
    • Certified as a NAUI Nitrox Diver or equivalent.
    • A minimum of 60 logged open water scuba dives with a minimum of 30 hours bottom time are required for enrollment. Dives shall be varied in environment, depth, and activities.
    • Prior to certification as a NAUI Instructor, the candidate will have a minimum of 100 logged dives. Dives shall be varied in environment, depth, and activities.
    • Minimum of 6 months of diving experience.
    • Instructor candidates must pass the NAUI Instructor Prequalification Examination prior to the start of the ITC.
    • The Instructor Trainer or Course Director is to ensure adequate student knowledge and capability before any open water training and shall use skill or other evaluations to do so. One open water dive (which does not count toward the minimum number of dives required for the course) may be used as a screening and evaluation dive. This is not required when the student’s diving proficiencies are well known to the Instructor Trainer or Course Director.
  • Equipment. Candidates shall furnish and be responsible for the care and maintenance of their own diving equipment. The instructor shall initially assist candidates in checking all their gear to ensure it is adequate and in proper working order. Materials. Contact the NAUI Training Department for current requirements.
  • Medical Approval. Verification of good physical condition as documented by a medical examination and unconditional approval for diving by a licensed physician within the preceding 12 months. In no event will medical approval be accepted wherein the physician signing the certificate is the student.